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Andersen Building [+] Images/PA Images via Getty Images) In March, the U.K. government proposed a set of reforms to restore the perceived loss of credibility of statutory audits. Meanwhile in the U.S., there is growing dissatisfaction that its statutory audit process is not working as well as it could—a feeling stemming from a combination of several factors. When students ask me who audits the auditors, I often tell them its the litigation process. After repeating that pat answer many times, my colleagues and I have decided to look into the evidence. We were somewhat surprised that the number of 10b(5) lawsuits against auditors has fallen into the single digits . Claims are often made that management is skilled at hiding fraud while auditors often assert that they aren’t responsible for actively looking for it. Perhaps the issuer-pays click site model where the company appoints and pays for the auditor’s time, as opposed to an investor, is to blame. Worries about whether auditors are skeptical enough are also cited. Moreover, there is always pressure on the audit firm to cut operating costs and compete on price (audit fees) and not as much on audit quality.   After thinking about these issues for a while, I continue to be troubled by the following questions related to the credibility and relevance of statutory audits: ·      What signals do I have, as an outsider, to assess audit quality of an accounting firm as the audit report is a classic pass/fail one-page report with virtually no other information? ·      Why do short sellers with public information such as Carson Block seem to discover frauds faster than auditors who have private information about the firm’s internal controls? The Digital CFO: Why Finance Is At The Center Of Technological Change ·      Even with documents being declassified in 10 years through the Official Secrets Act, we never seem to be able to inspect audit work papers or any documents to assess the quality of an auditor’s work. Why? ·      Why can’t audit firms put out a report customized to a specific company like S&P or Moody’s would with their credit reports? To be sure, progress has been made. The recent expansion of the audit report by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) to critical audit matters is one way to go beyond the “pass/fail” statement towards a slightly more customized audit report. The PCAOB conducts regular inspections of audit firms and publishes data on deficiencies found in the inspected audits. However, it does not divulge information about the clients or companies whose audits were found to be deficient. I have five concrete proposals for regulators to consider: ·      Allow large or even activist shareholders to appoint the auditor: I have asked before why Blackrock , usually the largest and a vocal owner, cannot appoint the firm’s auditor. Perhaps we could even allow activist investors to appoint auditors in addition to asking for board seats. ·      The PCAOB could consider releasing the names of the clients, as opposed to audit firms, whose audits were found to be deficient. In order to ease implementation, clients’ names could be divulged after three years. ·      To give investors a peek (with confidentiality considerations built in) into the negotiations that took place, the PCAOB might want to consider setting up a secure electronic data room where the auditor leaves documentation of the tests performed to arrive at their conclusions and that information can be made available to investors, either on a subsidized basis or for free. That access can be made available to investors on a staggered basis, say after three years. ·      Consider changing the objective of the audit from one related to compliance with GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) to one where the auditor opines whether the financial statements “fairly” present the financial condition of the company, as done in the U.K. The change would be subtle. But in the long run, it would wean the system away from rule-based accounting and auditing standards and more towards a regime where the auditor is judged on how fairly the books represent the financial performance and position of the company. ·      To help the auditors defray some of the costs associated with these additional burdens, we could potentially expand the statutory audit requirement to either new ESG disclosures that may be made mandatory at some future point in time.


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Multiple fishermen have told us that over 50 skippers are planning blockades around Dublin, Rosslare, and Cork over what they described as “huge concerns” for the future of Irish fish quality. The fishermen also claimed the new this page rules will jeopardise their incomes in the future. Members of several fish producer organisations have told this publication that the fishermen have long been thought of as a “soft touch” and that the plans for a blockade will show to both the EU and the Irish regulator, the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SPFA), that they mean business.  One fisherman, based in the southwest, said they have been left with “no other alternative” than to attempt to block Irish ports. The fisherman explained that the aim of the threatened blockade is to bring Irish ports to a “standstill” with “nothing coming in or out”. The anger stems from an EU audit in 2018 which found that some Irish producers were manipulating weighing machines and earning more money. While the audit was carried out in 2018, it was only recently published. The sanctions themselves were imposed on fishermen last month. As a consequence, the SPFA deemed that the traditional weighing of fish at refrigerated distribution centres will stop. Instead, fishermen will be expected to weigh their catches on the pier side, something they say will lead to a decreased quality of the fish being bought in Ireland and abroad.  One fisherman explained: “Let’s say what would happen is I land 50 boxes of cod and hake and monkfish. This is transported in a refrigerated van or container and brought to a station where it is weighed. What we have now is that we have to weigh stuff on the pier. It could be a gorgeous roasting hot day and the fish is sitting there. Then you have to contend with the seagulls doing what they do, defecating on your catch.” 07.04.21 Significant enforcement problems prevail in Irish industry: Fishing's control issues The fishermen are extremely worried that the quality of the fish is going to be impacted by the new rules and that the high quality of food Ireland sends to the world will be diminished.  “We have to do something like the blockade. I’m only off the phone with 50 skippers or so and we’re all furious. This is our heritage. I’m an older man. Money means nothing to me. There has to be something left to fish for the next generation,” the fisherman added.